Friday, March 23, 2012

Blog Positivity Week – Ending with my STYLE inspirations!

This is the end of Blog Positivity Week!  A BIG THANK YOU goes to Ashley for organizing Blog Positivity Week!  There are not very many times in life when so many places you turn you are faced with so much happiness and love!  Getting to read all the wonderful posts this week has been awesome!!!  I am so grateful to be a part of this movement.
I hope we can do this again!

For my last day of “positivity” this week I want to send some love to 2 of my STYLE inspirations.  These girls just KNOW how to put it together! 

--Sydney @ The Daybook is always my go to for style inspiration.  This girl is beautiful and she has this effortless sense of style!  Check out her blog!  You will be back I know it!

--Katie @ Running On Happiness is a new discovery and boy am I happy I found her!!!  Look at her blog!  Isn’t she fantastic???!!!  I LOVE her style!!!! 

 Hope you all go check out these sweet ladies!  Your wardrobe will most likely be happy you did!  

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