Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's been a good day!

Despite the weather being like this…

It’s been a really great day!

This morning we went to our friend’s little boys 3rd birthday.  They had moon bounce and a robot cake!!!!  Every little boys dream!!!!!  What a fun day it must have been for Max!!!  And yes, I forgot my camera because I am AWESOME!!  GRRR!  Oh well you will just have to trust me that this party was SUPER CUTE and Max looked SUPER HAPPY!!!! 

This afternoon the kids all played fairly nicely and watched a lot of veggie tales.  Rainy days are perfect for movies don’t ya think?

Here are a few photos from this afternoon:

And tonight we attended a newer to us church and it was WONDERFUL!!!  

Last weekend J and I had a date night and visited Grace Covenant Church and had dinner.  J’s parents were very kind to watch all the kids so we could check out the church by ourselves.  

We met SUCH genuine folks that night and it was SO nice to be back in fellowship!  

We haven’t attended church regularly since I was on bedrest with Julia!

We went back with the kids tonight and THEY HAD A BALL!!!!  I was REALLY nervous to leave them in the nursery and honestly prayed that they would be ok pretty much the whole way to church.  Ian, Elijah and Jacob hadn’t been anywhere like that for months and since I’m home with them every day and they are either with J or I 99% of the time I was anticipating a freak out but they did pretty darn good!  Ian CRIED when we LEFT TO GO HOME!!!!  He LOVED “playing with kids at church!!!”  Haha! 

I even met another mama and have a play date scheduled with our kiddos soon!  Cool huh?  Yay for new friends!

This is SUCH a welcoming place!  We all can’t wait to go back next week and get plugged in!  AND IT IS SOOOO NICE to have the option of going ON SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!  The service is not as crowded and dropping the kids off in the nursery was a cinch!  THAT IS A GODSEND when we traipse in with our crew!  Wish I could have taken a picture!  J had both of the twins and I was holding Ian’s hand, holding the diaper bag and carrying Julia in her baby carrier.  We were definitely a sight!
It was SUCH a great day!

Oh and to top it all off my mother in law gave me a pair of shoes that my sister in law had left (she now lives in FL).  They were a size bigger than I wear but ran small so THEY FIT ME!  YAY for CUTE and FREE SHOES!  Yahoo!

Hope you all had a FANTASTIC day too!!


  1. isnt it awesome when you find a church that you like!? we are trying to find one right now cause the baby is due in 4 days and want to get her baptized! annnnd because now that i am a sahm i will have more time to devote to a fellowship and be involved.

    a robot cake!? that is tooo sweet!

    lovely pics as always and CUTE SHOES!!!

  2. Hey- this is my first comment since I found you through The Shine Project - so hi! Cute shoes, rounded toe is my favorite style.
    My kids are older now, but I remember the birthday party days with the games, and the cakes in great shapes. Thankfully my husband's sister is great at making and decorating cakes, so she always did that part, which was a huge help. I'm off to church myself in a few....glad you have found a great new church home!

  3. It SURE is Tracy! So glad you came to say hi Lynne!! Oh you had a great advantage in your sister in law!! That is AWESOME...not did you not have to do the cakes but they were professional!!!!!

  4. What a sweet post! We actually had a rainy day today too! I agree - it's the perfect time to watch a movie or cuddle up with some hot chocolate!! :):) Sounds like you guys had fun! xo, Reannah


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