Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday – My little loves

They make me laugh harder than I ever have. 

They scare me more than anything ever has. 

They make me aware of my shortcomings with greater clarity than I ever could have thought possible.

Their kisses are a balm for all my hurts.

They are everything I could never have imagined. 

They are better than anything I’ve ever dreamed. 

They are my little loves.


  1. oh my word, they are too too cute!!

  2. Very cute!! Your kids are adorable!!!

  3. awww, love it! this reminds me a lot of my writeup on our kids on their page on our blog =) I identify!

  4. Awe thanks guys!!! Christina, YES it does!! I read yours over the weekend!! Love it!!!!! And yep SOOO get it!


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