Sunday, April 1, 2012

The radio saved the Wendy’s employee

I ROYALLY woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning… EVERYTHING was irritating me!!! 
How dare the kids all want milk before I could make my coffee!  How dare my husband speak!  Well you get the idea!  UCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

My attitude SHOULD be improving…I was spending a couple hours at the salon getting my hair did…and a really fun, sweet friend of mine does my hair so what’s not to love?

While I was there I temporarily had an attitude adjustment and forgot about my bad mood.  At least THAT part was normal!!  I mean geez…what kind of person would I be if I had a bad attitude while getting prettified?!?!?!

I grab Wendy’s on the way back home…

I pull into the drive thru and wait…and wait...and wait…my bad mood is coming back.  

Then I wait some more (I honestly am NOT exaggerating AT ALL).  

Finally someone comes over the speaker and asks to take my order.  I have to repeat and repeat and REPEAT it  all again…GEEZ,,,what the heck is WRONG here.  THEN they FINALLY get it and I pull up and pay…ok fine…

then I WAIT to pull up to the window to get my food…and I WAIT…and I WAIT…and I WAIT some more…

OMG SERIOUSLY?????????????  

I get to the window!  YES!  ALMOST THERE!!!  I can SMELL victory…AND some yummy French fries…BUT………then I WAIT some more…what the heck is going on in there????????  

Then I get my food!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!  

Then the girl asks me if I got my drinks……OMG NO!!!  They are sitting right in the window in front of you lady!  I DO NOT say this mind you BUT I want to...badly!!! 

Right at that moment either a new song came on the radio…or the tempo changed or I just REALIZED what was on my radio in the car that these people could hear…It was worship music…Christian radio…

I bit my tongue and smiled and asked for a drink carrier too.  The girl at the window smiled back and gave it to me.  We wished each other a good afternoon and I drove on home...

Last weekend our pastor told us about how he reminded his kids when they walked out the door that no matter what “they are STILL a Fuller when they walk out of this house”.  He went on to say that no matter where we are, no matter what the circumstances we are STILL God’s children and we need to remember to ACT like it.

At that moment, God reminded me that even when the ENEMY is there influencing me I am still HIS!  

I want to thank HIM for using that radio station to remind me of that…oh and to save the Wendy’s employee from my nasty attitude!


  1. What a PERFECT reminder! I always get those reminders AFTER I've hurt my hubs feelings with my rotten attitude... oops! But I promise to be better!

  2. Kelly, what a great message! Thank you so much for linking up! Spread the word and keep writing! I loved this!
    Let me know if you are ever interested in doing one of the Monday Meet Ups. I'd love to have you!

  3. I woke up with a terrible attitude yesterday! Not fun!
    Stopping by from the link up!

  4. this is a well-told story of an all too common life circumstance =) love it!


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