Monday, April 2, 2012

A Sausage Gravy Recipe – a YUMMY tribute to my roots

As some of you know I’m a Midwesterner born and raised.  

There is something to be said for the way I was raised…for WHERE I was raised. 

The house I grew up in was surrounded by fields (corn or soy beans depending on the crop rotation that year) on 3 sides and there was a cow pasture on the 4th side. 

Although I didn’t live on a farm, some of my GREATEST childhood memories consisted of going to my cousins house on the weekends and playing in the barn.  We’d make forts in the hay mow.  It was SO much fun!!!  We’d spend HOURS out there!  

Then, we’d all go over to my Aunt Marty & Uncle Louis’ and have a bonfire and roast hot dogs.  Uncle Louis and my Papaw would make these HUGE fires and get them going like crazy and all the women would freak out a little bit…but mostly just laugh and laugh (if you know those women then you know the “Mac laugh”…it’s LOUD but very happy!!!)…you couldn’t get mad at those 2!  You REALLY couldn’t…they had that special quality…this sweetness that comes rarely.  Those 2 are causing trouble up in heaven with Jesus now.  And I know Jesus himself can’t help but get in on the fun they are having!

I guess I've been doing a lot of reminiscing without really realizing it…last week I totally made things I don’t normally make…actually things that I’ve NEVER even made myself.  I made things that remind me of home.  I sorta got off my menu plan and one of the things I made was homemade sausage gravy with biscuits (biscuits NOT homemade but still good).  

Gravy can be a bit tricky in my opinion and I was SOOO happy when it turned out DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!  I was impressed with myself!!!!  And that does NOT happen often!  Haha!

So here’s what you need for this tasty sausage gravy:

a roll of ground sausage
all-purpose flour

And here’s what you do:
Brown the sausage in a frying pan.  Take the sausage out with a slotted spoon after it is fully cooked and let it drain on a plate with a paper towel. 

Yep, I used WHOLE milk!
Make sure the heat is still on the frying pan with remaining grease still in there.  Add about a half cup milk and a couple tablespoons of flour to the grease and start stirring.  

My girlfriend Amber gave me the AWESOME tip of using a wisk and it worked PERFECTLY!!!  THANKS girl!!  

It is VERY important that you keep stirring and keep the heat medium-high.  When the consistency starts to get pasty, add more milk and alternate milk and flour and continue mixing until you get the amount of gravy that you desire for your meal.  

Add back in the sausage and mix a little bit more.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you don’t cook it long enough the gravy will taste like flour.  EW!  SO DEFINITELY taste it before you eat it! 

This dish just takes like "home" to me. 


  1. sounds like you had such wonderful warm memories from your childhood.. such a precious thing to always have, and whata fun recipe!

  2. what an awesome tip. Love this!

    I am following you now. Thanks so much for stopping by Blissful and Domestic Sunday Blog Hop:>

  3. I need this in my mouth like yesterday! Sausage gravy is always served at my mom's Easter brunch and she makes it much the same way!



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