Monday, May 7, 2012

100+ Follower Giveaway & Monday Meet Up!!!

The past 3ish months with this new project called blogging have been AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have met some of the most FANTASTIC FRIENDS and I NEVER would have believed it! 

You, You & You make my days happy!!! 

I am not exactly a gushy person BUT blogging makes me GUSHY.  I swear it’s really weird!  

To celebrate how much I LOVE you I am bringing you this FANTASTIC giveaway.  I mean IT’S GREAT!!!!!!!!  Like, really CRAZY GREAT!

I want to THANK everyone who participated and WANTED to partner with me for this giveaway.  I am BLOWN AWAY to put it mildly that you all would care AT ALL to be a part of MY giveaway!!! 

I mean HOLY COW we are giving away 13 prizes/prize packages to 13 people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

AND THEY ARE ALL AWESOME IN EVERY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  (PS:  If you ARE one of my giveaway sponsors PLEASE enter for one of the other awesome prizes yourself!!!!  Pretty please?!?!)

Soooo check out the goods:

1)  "I {heart} Africa" embroidered pendant necklace from my gorgeous RL friend Andi @ The Hollie Rogue.  This piece of jewelry has a BEAUTIFUL story.  You can read ALL about it here.  OOH and she's going to be guest posting this week so be sure to come back to check her out!!

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2)  One LARGE AD SPACE for the month of June from my sweet sweet friend Sarah @ The Fontenot Four.  ALSO, PLEASE check out her hand-knit shop here.  This chick is ONE talented mama!

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3)  THIS BEAUTIFUL purse from this crazy AWESOME girl Mariah from   Thee Fire Wife.  I SOOOO want to keep it for myself by the way!   Check out her shop here.

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4)  A hemp, chain & rhinestone bracelet from the FOREVER FUN & SWEET Brooke @ Covered in Grace.  ARE you getting EXCITED yet?  Told you this was an AWESOME giveaway!!!

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5)  2 Months of Ad Space AND a $5 shop credit from Katlyn @ Dreamy Meadow.  Check out her ruffled necklaces!!!  I personally LOVE them!  They are PERFECT because I've never seen anything exactly like them.  SUPER FUN!

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6)  A silver, adjustable charm bracelet from Paparazzi Accessories from Alicia @ The Seeley Family.  I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!  She was one of my very first bloggy friends!  We should be RL friends!!

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7)  One Month of Ad Space & a handmade teal fabric rosette ring from Reannah @ Shaped by Grace.  If you don't know Reannah PLEASE go say hi!  She is REALLY REALLY fantastic!!!  PS:  I want to keep this one too!!!  Hehe!  I know this is a GIVEAWAY BUT...

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8)  Blank Canvas cards from Christina @ Tico&Tina.  Why is this a FANTASTIC win?   BlankCanvas™ cards are a fun and unique way to say what YOU want to say - they will work for any occasion because they're just waiting for your choice of words or picture on the canvas in a fun location - yes, these are for real, no Photoshopping wizardry :) The blank canvas is a symbol to us of how we choose to look at life, and our tag line, "Life is a blank canvas - paint an adventure!", is what we are about - we want to encourage everyone to look at their life as an adventure, too! (this is one example of having to choose to see the adventure not long ago!)  Visit the shop here.  

PS You ever meet someone who has this weird ability to see EXACTLY what's in your head pretty much at all times?  That's who Christina is to me!  

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9)  Organic hard lotion & lip balm from Kristina @ City Corporate to Suburban Mama.  This STUFF is SO SPECIAL because it's from her BRAND NEW Etsy shop!!!!!!  AND YOU GUYS get 1ST look!!!!!  I KNOW how special you must feel!!!!!  I know I feel special to have her sharing it on MY blog!  YAY!

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10)  A tutu & matching bow from my RL Friend Angel @ Angel's Heavenly Hair Boutique!  I AM SUPER EXCITED to be working with Angel!!  We haven't seen each other since HS and she has ALWAYS been one of the kindest people I've EVER known!  Some things NEVER change and that is a WONDERFUL thing!  She makes the most adorable hair accessories for little girls and has now added tutus to her collection!!!  I DIE!!!!!!!!!!  Guess what Julia's going to be getting VERY SOON????????

11)  A small ad space that includes a 250x100 sidebar button and facebook and twitter shout outs from the AWESOME AWESOME...did i say AWESOME?...Kristine @ The Foley Fam - Unedited!!!  Kristine is SO SWEET and SOOO super friendly I am blown away each time!  Thank you for being YOU girl!

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12)  A handmade e-reader case from the CRAFTY (jealous of your SKILLZ girl) Paige @ Artsy Anthropology!!  I am SUPER excited to have her join my giveaway!  I won a FANTASTIC giveaway on her blog when I was blogging for 3 WEEKS!!  She has been AWESOME!!!

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13)  And last but not least (Lucky #13...i SUPPOSE in THIS case that's a good thing!) a $10 Target gift card from Yours Truly ME! Because I'm totally not cool enough to have a shop and who can't use a Target gift card
Oooh, and BEFORE we get to all that Rafflecopter business I HAVE to share with you that I'm guest posting over at Covered in Grace for her Monday Meet-up!  You want to go over there because i'm sharing this FANTASTICALLY DELICIOUS quinoa recipe!  Can you say "Mac N Cheese please!!!"???

Covered in Grace

Alright Lovely Ladies {and Gents}... 
It's your turn. 
Link up your favorite posts-all week long! 
Woo us to you blog. Let us get to know you! 
Meet other amazing bloggers and extend your blogging community! 

Party Rules 
1. Link to your blog's main page, or your specific's your choice! =)
2. Grab the button above and include it somewhere on your blog so your readers can come see what the fun is all about!
3. Make sure you visit (and comment) on other posts linked up-- what fun is a party if no one talks to each other? Make some new friends!
4. You must be a follower of Covered in Grace to link up. And pretty please follow our lovely guest poster as well.

Soooo continuing with the we go guys!!!  

Thank you SO much for joining me in this fun as well as sharing yourselves with me.  I am so proud to be a part of this blog world!

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  1. Awesome giveaway, Lady!!! And loved your post on Covered in Grace!!

  2. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I'm a new follower, and I just wanted to tell you that I love your hairstyle! Getting mine cut short soon, so looking for inspiration! ;)

  3. Awesome giveaway gf :)

    I'm so sorry I didn't end up contributing to it. I couldn't decide what to offer up, and by the time I settled on something it was too late!! I'm excited to enter it, though ;)

  4. Amazing giveaway! Thanks for so many beautiful things to dream about winning!

  5. awesome awesome awesome giveaway =)

  6. Thanks for dealing with my case of mommy brain and providing some MUCH-NEEDED technical assistance. I'm entered and cannot wait to win. I'm working on my acceptance speech now. And my "Miss America" wave, of course.

    And just a little reminder, make sure you check out mine and Sami's giveaway tomorrow on my site.

    Dana @ five30three

  7. awesome giveaway!!! and congrats at reaching 100+ followers! ;)

  8. Hi there! New follower here from City Corporate to Suburban Mama. Super cool giveaway. Can't wait to try her Organic hard lotion & lip balm.


  9. So excited for you reaching 100! I tried to enter the link up and kept getting a blank page so I gave up.
    Still entering the giveaway though!

  10. Congratulations! And thanks for hosting again.


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