Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The day we tried out for Wheel of Fortune

True Story.

J and I totally tried out for Wheel of Fortune!

We’ve been watching for years and he’s always joked about how he wanted to be on the show.  He thinks he’s so smart always answering the puzzles correctly and stuff.

I finally told him to go online and apply!  What can it hurt?

He did.  Time went by.  We forgot.

AND then…

WE GOT THE EMAIL!  We were picked to try out in DC!  WHAT????  Well, HE was picked but I could come too and we could try out together.

We headed out to DC on the metro in the middle of the day on a Wednesday. 

It turns out you see some interesting things when the metro isn’t crowded.  OUR exhibit A:  A girl (J says it was a boy…so not sure) about the size of a middle schooler starts pole-dancing around a post that you hold onto in one of the train cars.  She did have an ipod we think so the music was in her head…or was it?  At any rate…THAT was interesting…

Although, it would have been WAY cooler if we saw this!

It was a gorgeous day and we thoroughly enjoyed our walk the few blocks to the hotel to wait for our time to try out.

There were maybe 60 or so people gathered to go into the conference room for the tryout.  We all were handed pencils and name tags and sat down in the chairs set up ready for what looked like a presentation.
There was a mini-“Wheel” and some producer types up front.  They got us going with a Wheel of Fortune highlight video and some crowd warm up type exercises to get us loosened up AND THEN THE GAMES BEGAN!  EEEEEEK!

We all had to tell everyone else our names…er…shout them out enthusiastically and once that business was all done the REAL business began.  The wheel went and the producers shouted out a name randomly and if it was yours you had to play, ala “I’d like a “T” Pat!!! (YELLING ENTHUISIASTICALLY!)  It was SCARY BUT sorta fun!
Truth be told I almost backed out and made J do it himself BUT we discussed it and we agreed what would I tell my kids about FEAR if I was too scared to do this?  I’d HAVE NO BACKUP!!  Can’t have THAT as a parent!!!  Besides, I would never see these people again!  What did I have to lose?

After a few rounds of “play” we had to take a short “test”…a fill in the blank puzzle type test while the producers weeded out the losers for the next round.  Our seat “neighbors” and us all laughed and talked about how fun this was and that we’ll walk out together when we got “kicked out”.  BUT, when the producers came back in our name was announced to STAY!  WE freaking made the FIRST cut!  Hahaha!!  So hilarious!

THEN the REALLY SCARY part came! 

We then went up in dua’s of 3 and had to pretend to “spin” the wheel and participate in a real game…complete with telling about ourselves and everything!  I was a nervous wreck and my voice shoot I’m SURE of it but it was pretty fun and probably FUNNY!

After a couple rounds like that we were told to take our commemorative pencils and if we made the cut we would be contacted within 2 weeks.

We waited…and waited…and well we are still waiting.  

I guess you won’t be seeing us on TV anytime soon, but I have to say the experience was a blast!  How many people can say they tried out for a game show!  So funny!


  1. That is so awesome!! I had signed up to try out for Wheel of Fortune a while ago and never heard back. Maybe I did it wrong? I live near DC too. That's fantastic though...hope you get on the show!

  2. That's so cool u guys got to do that! Maybe they will call u in the future? U never know. I knew a girl in one of my training classes who got on and I hear she won a lotta money. It can happen!

  3. No way?! That's still WAY cool. And I would totally still use this as my claim to fame for the rest of my life! haha

  4. Fun! I would have been shaking too! lol. Maybe you will still get a call. My cousin got picked after months of no call backs and she got to be on! So Fun!!

  5. How fun! I am a new follower. www.discoverytoysmom.com

  6. That's an awesome story! I'm kinda jealous!
    As someone who lives in. A dc suburb, the metro is a great place to travel for entertainment! There are some things I've seen there that I'll never forget :)

    New follower from GFC blog hop hope you'll stop by for a visit! Www.RaisingBean.com

  7. Haha! I wish I had been there.. I bet yall did great! And how dare they not pick you!!

  8. how fun! I have always wanted to be on Wheel, but to be honest, I know I am terrible at it so I would never make the cut. Glad you go the opportunity to just try out. That is pretty cool.

  9. Ack Kelly! that is totally awesome! So what if you never get called back? You have this really cool story to tell!

  10. That is so cool!!! Ron tried out for Jeopardy once...long before I knew him.

  11. Sounds like fun! Too bad you don't have pictures to show the kids someday, but you had an experience a lot of people don't get!

  12. hi from the gfc hop!

    visit nichollvincent.blogspot.com

    have a good night!

  13. that's awesome! Who knows, maybe one of these days you'll hear from them unexpectedly ;)

  14. This is AWESOME!! Guess what - I tried out for Wheel of Fortune too!! It was in college and my friend and I were walking through campus and someone asked us if we wanted to try out! {I guess auditions were on campus} Then they (the producers? Interns?) invited me back to LA to try out there. Anyways, I didn't make it past the test portion in LA though. lol You go girl!! SO fun!!! :D

  15. hahaha too funny! it's so interesting to hear the back story on stuff like that - I would really love to run into someone who was on a reality show and get the dirt =)

  16. Haha that is so awesome! Made me laugh. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Following now (:

    Dearest Lou

  17. How cool! When we lived in CA I wanted to drive down to watch the Price is Right, but I was fearful my name would be called to Come On Down!

    By the way-Meg B. sent me the link to your blog.
    I'm enjoying reading it!


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