Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And you think YOU'RE funny...SHE IS though...

First I would just like to say a Huge thank you to Kelly for asking me to do a guest post for her while she is on vacation.

I Hope you are resting and relaxing, putting your feet up and drinking a Mimosa. Wait, what? Who am I kidding your vacationing with babies and in-laws!!  Still, I bet the Grandparents will give you a few nights off , and I am sure the memories being made are priceless. I can't wait to see your pictures. I know this goes without saying to my girl Kelly, but take lots of pictures. Document, document, document! Hopefully you will not need a vacation from your vacation when you get home! (wink wink) And don't you worry you left your blog in good hands. I'll try not to be too nonsensical and silly.
Sincerely, Oh wait... I mean... Let's get this Houtz Party Started...

Hello There Beautiful Beloved Houtz Party Readers-

Let's start with logistics first since you probably don't know me from Adam.  Not, Adam Sandler, You probably all know him so that doesn't really work. But another Adam. I can promise you two things that I will not be in this post. I won't be as funny or as Jewish as Adam Sandler. Bu-dump bump!
Ok before I scare you all away with my lame attempts to BE funny let me first introduce myself;

My name is No(insert umlaut here)el. Or No dot dot el. Or No..el. Or Just Noël.

I have to put two dots (or what's known as an umlaut) over my E or otherwise people call me Nole and think I'm a boy. SO clearly, I am NOT a Nole, nor am I a boy. And now that you have learned my name and how to pronounce it, and that I'm a girl lets move on. I am a wife, a mom, a Christ-follower, an owner of 3-4 leggeds,  thrift store shopper, vw-driver,  tattooed, Christmas child(we went over this remember my name)singer, sister, daughter(that kind of goes without saying), retired preschool teacher, who loves to blog(also goes without saying, but I said it anyways) and sometimes I try to make people laugh, by not taking myself too seriously.

I am so honored to have this special spotlight on Kelly's blog, and so excited to meet YOU a new potential blog friend. If you like my ramblings you can find me here; Noels Beautiful Life.

So now that we have been through my end of the intros I wonder what you Kelly's beloved readers would like to talk about today? Stick with me here as I process out with you how I arrived at this blog topic today.

When I was talking with Kelly about what I might write about, I joked that I have never done a Vlog before, and how brave I thought she was for doing one.  And then I thought wouldn't it be so cool to do my first ever VLOG on Kelly's page ?

Nope. I didn't think that.

But, I have to say that her Vlog was what sold me on thinking, Yep... I really like this lady. She has got some ba*%$ :) To not only do just any old VLOG but an exercise one no less. The girl has got it going on. Don't you agree? Well of course you do that's why you are here.

So then I thought, well maybe her readers are really into exercise, and I should talk about that?
Nope again. Just so you know I don't ever have thoughts like, "I think I should talk about exercise today"  And so I knew that wouldn't be the tie that binds us.

No vlogs, not a big exercise guru, so that won't be our topic today. Ok moving on....Hmm, let's see ?

Oh I know, What about corporate America? I could talk about. Er.... Nope. I wouldn't survive two seconds in a conversation about corporate America, and I certainly wouldn't survive in that jungle that IS corporate America. One cross eyed look in my direction from those monkeys (sorry if you are one of those monkeys) and I'd be a weepy, blubbering idiot! But yet again another reason why I think Kelly is such a STUD-Muffin!

I moved onto thinking I really should talk about something that Kelly and I have in common because clearly Vlogs, Exercise, and Corporate America is not gonna work.

I paused for umm... maybe 2 minutes, and thought of the greatest tie that binds us which is of course our faith in Christ. Such a great topic, Such a BIG topic, such a TOO BIG for just one guest blog post topic.

So then I landed on this for a minute;  the very next thing that Kelly and I have in common is our babies. Well, I had babies. 4 to be exact, just like her.  But they are all teens and tweeners now. The days of having babies and being preggers is long gone for me. So are the days of diapering, spit up-ing, coloring in coloring books (sometimes on the walls), sleepless nights, first school days, sippy cups never having the right do-dad to go in the right lid to the sippy cup, and all other things that having babies comes with. Can I get a witness that they come with,  ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS (or gold fishies)?!!

But then in the end I thought ya know I really want Kelly's readers to enjoy themselves. To have a good time, and laugh and not be envious of the fact that all those days of busy with babies is not my life anymore. I don't want to make anyone jealous, but I have it pretty great right now. My kids or My Fab 4 as I like to refer to them are so great, my oldest actually made the pot of coffee for me this morning. Now how's that for service :) Still, I miss the babies days for sure, because I will always have a baby romance.
NO, I don't want you to stumble, it's bad enough that Kelly's on vacation without us right?

So in the end I decided that we should talk about the word JOY!

And with that I will leave you with some of what I love quotes and pictures;

It was a pleasure sharing this moment with you all.
I hope this post brought some Joy to your corner of the world this morning.
Nothing But Love <3
Only 3 words:  I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!! 

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