Thursday, August 23, 2012

What we’ve been up to & A Link & Mingle…

Just a few bits of what our life has been like lately and at the end a little Link & Mingle Party for my fellow blogger friends:

I got to meet my bloggy BFF Sarah a little over a week ago!!!  She and her family stopped by our house overnight while on their way to Boston for some doctor’s appointments for her sweet daughter Peyton.  It was SO awesome to meet her and her family!

They left and THE SAME DAY the Blank Canvas Tour rolled into town…er our basement.  Check out their work here.  It was a fabulous few days filled with many conversations about college, homeschool, travels, kids and the like.  Oh, and what would our visit be without a photo shoot AND a video?  Yeah…we had fun!!!  We all missed them when they left.

A few short days later our house is on the market…SO after they left we got out the boxes, rolled up our sleeves and with the help of Meme and Pop Pop got some things boxed up and tried to “stage” our home as much as possible with 4 little people running around.  We’ll see how this whole keeping it clean thing goes…

Here's a few more photos showing what's typical around here.

Yeah...she's our 4th child...don't judge!

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AND girl Shaylee Ann:
Welcome, friends! I am so very excited to introduce you to a new link party that I've created, with the help of many fellow bloggers! The long of it is the "Link and Mingle: Sisters in Blogging Social Media Linkup". The short, "Link & Mingle". Call it what you wish. ;) Six very fabulous ladies have joined me in hosting this new party, and I am absolutely thrilled!!

Meet our weekly hosts!

and for this week's co-hosts, we have
Molly | still being [Molly]

Thank you, ladies!

The rules are thus:
follow your hosts and co-hosts via GFC and all other social media sites that they have linked up,
visit/follow/like as many links as you can,
link up to as many social media sites that apply to you,
share, tweet, and blog about this link party if you so wish,
grab the button {below},
and have fun meeting new people!

If you would be interested in hosting this party permanently, or co-hosting it periodically, send an email to {}. Anyone is accepted - there's no limit to the hosts. :)

If you think of another site that you would like to see in this linkup, leave a comment and tell us!

Alright, ladies! Button-up, link-up, and meet-up! :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Link & Mingle
Come back next Thursday for another round of the Link & Mingle!!


  1. I'm so jealous of you all getting together.. I want to meet some of my blogging friends so bad! Hopefully that day will come soon!!

    Also thanks for co-hosting the link & mingle! It's going to be funnnn!! Too bad I'm 2 hours early to link up, haha! I shall be back!!! ♥


  2. I love the diaper/wipes bottle-propping! (Don't worry, I'm not judging! :))

    Thanks so much for co-hosting, Kelly!! I'm seriously ecstatic!!

    You're the best! :)

  3. Was that handsome little man wearing a Redskins jersey? GO SKINS! :)

  4. new follower from the link up :):) so excited to read more of your posts and please come check out my blog some time as well :D

  5. hahaha this is an awesome post =) we had so much fun with you guys and can't wait till we can meet up again!!!

  6. Redskins jersey? Are you from the DC area? I live in Northern VA became a stay at home mom once I became pregnant with Judah but worked at McLean Bible Church for over 5 years in the area :-)

  7. Cute pics! That's funny, I was just on the Fontenot Four blog a minute ago reading about their trip to Boston.

  8. So lovin' the pics you used of me!! LOL I'm totally jealous you got to meet the Blank Canvas Tour peeps... Sigh. Another time!! :) So excited we had a chance to meet and I can't wait to do it again!

  9. So envious of you getting to meet two awesome bloggers in one week!

  10. I totally propped up a bottle here and there for my kids too! LOL! When your kids are so close together you gotta do what you've gotta do! Now I need to go figure out this linky thing...

  11. glad you guys got to have so much fun together =) now we just need to get ALL of us together...

  12. These are such great pics. Looks like you all had so much fun Kelly. So wish I could have been in on that party. You have been a busy bee girl. Xoxo Busy.


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