Tuesday, September 25, 2012

50 Shades of Stupid

If you’ve known me for any length of time you know I’m always doing stupid and/or embarrassing things.  They are mostly related to me being a bit…ahem…klutzy or awkward.  Often, they are in front of people I know…other times they are in front of complete strangers. 

Most recently…

That’s me getting my Sunday fashion church pose on!  I mean that’s what bloggers do right?  Duh!  And that guy in the background?  Yeah he’s the neighbor.  The one we’ve lived across from for 4 years.  The one who has NEVER ONCE spoken.  EVER. 

#1 embarassing moment:  Saying hi repeatedly when we are outside at the same time.  The response from said neighbor.  Silence EVERY time.

#2 embarassing moment:  Getting my “blogger pose” on while said neighbor is outside and sees me.  

Notice how I’m almost in my garage?  

Still not comfortable voguing out on the street like the professionals.  Suppose I’ll deal with the horrible shadows a little bit longer…

Oh and in case you are interested my outfit breaks down like this:

Earrings: gift
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Dress: Target
Leggings:  Target
Jean Jacket:  old
Boots: Nordstrom Rack

Linking up my stupidity with my girl Julie @ The Funny Thing of It Is.  



  1. Um, I live in a condo building where I have to ride the elevator with people. I always say hi and a lot of people don't say hi back. Ok...you just made this REAAAAAALLLY awkward, so thanks for that.

    You are so cute vogueing in the street/your driveway/your garage.

  2. haha. i totally got used to doing the public posing. my sister is a photographer and would always use me to practice on. truck stops, middle of the street, down town, train tracks... it was hard at first... after that i was like "what you staring at? you're just jealous." hahahaha!!

  3. haha! I never venture very far out either...
    how weird they he never says hello back!?
    looking cute as always! ♥

  4. That's so weird! It would be nice if he could at least say hi back! Geesh. You look so pretty but I know what you mean - it's always so awkward to do an outfit post with someone right there! I was doing some this past weekend and I had to stop every time a car drove by. I felt so embarrassed!

  5. you are too funny. you are super cute and need to rock out the blogger fashion pose in the street. you can do it! lol

  6. Well he seems a little rude! Haha.. I get embarrassed when I take pictures of myself in public too.. :)

  7. seriously he never says a thing when you say hi? Can he maybe not hear your or is hard of hearing? Thats just weird especially since you have been neighbors for four years.

    Sorry got a little feisty
    cute outfit ;-)

  8. ahahahha i can see why it might be an awkward situation striking a pose for outfit pics with your silent neighbor in view lol..hmm..that's weird that he's never said hi. Maybe he's deaf? but then again, if he SEES you wave..that's another thing, it's his prob! I love love your outfit girl!!

  9. haha, Brittany beat me to it, that was my question too - is he deaf?! this post really makes me LOL because while I know this wasn't the case, I'm imagining you planning what you're going to write in this post and then running outside to try to catch deaf neighbor man awkwardly standing in the back of your pic so you can talk about him, LOLOLOLOL


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