Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What can YOU do? Operation Baby Rescue with MercyINK

Good morning, Houtz House Party friends! Sweet Kelly invited me to share with you all this morning, and I am so very grateful. My name is Lauren Mills and I am a mama times 3 and wife to a crazy (in a good way ;)) youth pastor. Here are a few photos of our little troop:


I am a self-taught graphic artist, designing blogs, logos, & Scripture prints in my shop, mercy {INK}. I also blog over at mercyINKblog.com about raising family, creating home, and following Jesus. Sometimes I think my heart could burst at the brokenness of our world. Injustice, poverty, famine, disease, abuse... there is no shortage. I truly believe that God has placed a burden in all of hearts that aches when we see this brokenness around us. Even in all of our own selfishness and sinfulness, most of us feel an ache of compassion when the pain of the world looks us in the face. But sometimes, it seems too much to bear. We think: The pain is too much. The poverty to too widespread. The burden, unbearable. And it's just easier, on our own hearts, to push those things out of our minds. Because when the problems are so big, what can one person really do to change it? Friends, I know. I have been there. It is a constant struggle not to turn off and tune out the hurt because it's just too great. But I want you to know that your voice, your generosity, your compassion, your action, can and does make a difference. The cry of my heart is to make a little difference in the Kingdom, even if just one life at a time. In two weeks, I will be traveling to Guatemala with WorldHelp, an organization that exists to serve the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world.

 I will be joining a team to work with Operation Baby Rescue, an initiative of WorldHelp that provides life-saving treatment to little babies in Guatemala that are literally dying of starvation. 

 It would bless me beyond measure if you would take a minute (ok, 2.5 minutes) to watch this trailer 
about the rescue:


An estimated 80% of children in rural Guatemala are suffering from malnutrition. 

WorldHelp has partnered with an incredible ministry on the ground in Guatemala, making trips into remote mountain areas to rescue babies who are literally starving to death. They then provide life-saving treatment and medical care, nursing the children back to health, and ultimately reuniting them

with their families. read Mirza's story here:

If you think your life just isn't big enough to make a difference, I urge you to look at each one of these babies.

  The estimated costs to save one life, including the initial rescue and medical care, is $1,200. If we say no, are we telling that child their life isn't worth $1,200? Would we tell her mother that she isn't worth it? My personal goal is to raise funds to rescue 10 babies. It's kind of a huge, overwhelming goal, but I hope that many will give just a little bit. Friend, would you consider giving $1 today? ONE DOLLAR. That's all I'm asking. If every reader gave $1 today, I believe we would be several hundred dollars closer to saving a life. A real, sweet child, given a chance, given hope. I leave you with precious Selina. Rescued at age 5, she weighed in at a mere 16 pounds.

Selina, before & after

Does your dollar matter? Can you really do anything in light of all the darkness in our world? I believe you can. I believe Selina's mommy would pour over with gratitude at your gift of $1, or $5, or $50, or whatever you can give, because now, her daughter is healthy. She walks, and smiles, and laughs like other children. She is alive. And for every Selina, there are more, dozens more, babies waiting for a chance, waiting for hope.

To give your $1 today, please visit my fundraising page at http://rescue.worldhelp.net/mercyink
I also invite you to follow my rescue journey October 1-6 at www.mercyINKblog.com I'll be blogging from Guatemala and would love to have you follow along. I know my aching heart will need your support back home! Kelly, thank you again for inviting me today! Your big heart blesses mine! :)
With gratitude,

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  1. This post has seriously made me cry! I want to go and rescue those babies and assure them that they ARE worth it and that we DO care!!
    Way to go Lauren!


  2. This has touched my heart so, Kelly thanks so much for sharing this with us, I will be passing this along!


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