Friday, November 2, 2012

Coffee Date

First of all, I want to tell you how blessed I am to be sharing my heart over @ Simply Helping Him today.  I am explaining how my priorities are different now and what a blessing that TRULY is!

AND...I finally make a Coffee Vlog!!  

Super excited to be linking up with Alissa from Rags to Stitches today!  

Happy Friday ya'll!

Let Them Eat Cake


  1. yay! so happy to see your lovely face, and no I can't see the gobble chin, LOL but I have to be super careful or mine comes out! why do we have to get old?!??! anyway, this is perfect, I simply must start doing these coffee dates, it's just what I need. thanks for reminding me =)

  2. Stopping by from the Coffee Date link up and am now a follower. Happy to find your blog and hear about you! Sorry you had trouble from the storm. :/ It was a bummer.

    And...didn't see your gobble neck either. Lol. You're so funny.

    Keep vlogging...hope to catch ya next time. :)

  3. Girl you crazy, there's no gobble neck. You're adorable! So glad you guys are safe after the storm. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. Xoxo

  4. I'm loving this coffee vlog. I'm gonna have to learn more. So glad you're safe and the power is on.

    Just stopping by from The Wiegand's, sweet Casey's blog, to personally invite you to join me for An Aloha Affair; a sort of end of week gathering and mingling and growing together. I'd love to have ya, stop by anytime...


  5. So glad you found my blog! Your family is beautiful...can't wait to read more :)

  6. Love this vlog! I've been thinking of doing a vlog at some point...I just never seem to remember to do it! Also, glad to hear that you have power back and were not affected otherwise in the storm. We also lost power for 48 hours and just got our internet back yesterday. Thank goodness for family to take us in! Continued prayers for all those who lost so much more during the storm.

    Your family is beautiful, looking forward to reading more :)

  7. GIRL! You had me crackin' up the WHOLE time! #nerdalert u are so funny !!!!!

  8. So glad to hear that you all made it safely through that storm! I hope everything will start going a lot smoother with the house and all now.. Have an awesome weekend! miss ya!

  9. You are too cute sweet friend! Hang in there! You guys are doing such a great job with all the things happening right now in your lives. Some day we will def have a coffee date in real life. I don't mind your "rants" and so glad you feel better to get it off your chest! Love and a huge hug sent your way!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  10. i'm so glad i found your blog! seriously so thrilled to be your newest follower. love LOVE love the vlog! you are so brave to do it.

    hugs to you and much love and many blessings!


  11. You are so wonderful! I love your positivity! You are a great momma. You are beautiful!

  12. Yay a vlog! love to hear your voice and see your beautiful face!


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