Friday, February 15, 2013

{13 in 13} link up - Makeup

It's time again for the {13 in 13} link up with Kelli @ Eat Pray {Read} Love.  This is a chance for YOU to link up and share with our readers your ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE products!  Doesn't have to be 13 of your favorite, JUST your top picks!  

This month we are sharing our favorite MAKEUP!  

Did you know I'm an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay?  I want to take this time to share my ABSOLUTE favorite items from the Mary Kay makeup line!

Mary Kay® Foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15*

This foundation primer is so light on your skin.  It's a wonderful pre-foundation product that REALLY improves the look and feel of your skin and the look and feel of your foundation after it it applied.  I've been using foundation primer for over 2 years now and after honestly thinking I didn't really care about it I SOON became a believer.  Even if you don't use foundation use this product.  It seals your pores and keeps all the pollution and junk in the air OUT of your face!  

Mary Kay® Cream Blush

I am OBSESSED with this cream blush!  It comes in 2 colors (one for ivory and beige skin tones and one for some beige and bronze skin tones).  The ease of application is rediculous as in EASY EASY EASY and it feels light and silky on your skin.  I LOVE THIS!  It is so quick and did i mention easy to apply it's something you will use every day.  


Do you ever look at your makeup bag and wonder WHAT THE HECK DO I DO WITH ALL THIS?  I must admit I do!  Check out the Tips & Trends section of my website.  

Mary Kay has come a long way from the stereotype of old ladies with boufont hair and fuchsia lipstick! 

If you are in the Northern VA area I'm currently offering a $10 gift card and FREE facial and color consultation!!!  Ask me how to earn even MORE in FREE product!!!  Just leave a comment and we'll talk!

AND through Sunday night at midnight take advantage of 25% off ALL products!!  Just head on over to my website to order.   

BE Beautiful!!!!!

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  1. I love Mary Kay! How was your experience/journey joining MK as a consultant? I've thought about doing it many times, but never do out of fear, ha. It sounds fun and I always get pumped watching videos and hearing about MK from my friends ;)


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