Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christmas in February

I'm sharing our Christmas 2012 in February.  Either I'm behind the curve or I like to draw out the holidays into Valentines Day.  Oh, Happy Valentines Day by the way!

REWINDING back to December we spent this Christmas with my parents back in Ohio.  The kids had a WONDERFUL time with Mamaw and Papaw and aunts, uncles & cousins...especially Uncle Clay & Rachael.  We just love getting to spend these special times in Ohio and can't wait for our "Ohio Vacation" in June!  Can anyone say zoo, aquarium, park, picnics and FUN?

So what, you ask, is with the antlers?  It's a Christmas tradition in the DuLaney household!  We also hide a pickle and the one who finds it first wins a prize.  Anyone else have funny family traditions?

And what Ohio Christmas trip would be complete without getting to play in the snow?

Not sure Julia was AS thrilled about the snow time.

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  1. Love all the pictures!

  2. love all these super cute valentines/christmas photos ;)

  3. aaaa you guys look so cute! is the pickle real?! =)


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