Monday, February 18, 2013


Does your faith in humanity ever take a hit?  

I think our faith in the humanness of people took a bit of a hit the past few weeks with everything that’s been going on with our landlord situation.  You can read about that here.

Right now, I’m typing from a comfy chair in my in-laws living room where we’ll be living for the time being.  We moved out today and we settled the heat situation with the landlord (thank the Lord). 

On Thursday evening we took the kids to a local hole in the wall restaurant called the Marshall Diner.  The owners are super kind, they love the kids and are always so wonderful whenever we come in.  My husband and I were stressed out with the moving situation and all that the past month has thrown our way. 

A very sweet older couple spoke some nice words to us about the kids and we chit chatted back and forth a bit.  The kids waved and said good bye to them when they left and they wished us a Happy Valentine’s Day.  This is the common friendliness you find in the area and coming from the urban sprawl of Northern Virginia it is SUCH a nice change of pace. 

We finished our dinner and when my husband went to pay, the girl at the cash register told us that couple left a $20 bill to put towards our dinner.  I almost cried right then and there.  What a kind gesture.

We may never see that couple again but at that moment I was reminded of the goodness of humanity.  I was reminded of the kindness of strangers.  I was grateful for that moment of encouragement in the middle of a rough patch in our life.  

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  1. so glad that it worked out well for your family....

  2. Kindness can go such a long way...

  3. Such a wonderful story, God is always there when you need him!

  4. Oh Kelly... I just went back and read some of your older posts... I had no idea you were going through all of this because I, too, have been kind of quiet around blogland lately....not reading much, not interacting as much...
    I am soooo very sorry to hear that you guys are going through such a yucky time. Know that I'm thinking of you and consider prayers said from this chica. You let me know if there is anything I can do for you and your fam. Seriously...

    What a sweet couple... sweet gesture.
    Sending you love girl! xxo

  5. ohhhh i love this. not because of the hit you guys have taken. but because the the reminder that there is still good in humanity. I was reminded of that too over the past few weeks. I even mentioned yesterday in my sometimes I end up in tears because of the pain on individual causes, but then someone else can remind and bring me to complete joy... im so sorry again you are dealing with all this...

  6. that is amazing! i love stories like that.

  7. argh I'm so behind on blogs =( been trying to focus a lot on being productive in some other stuff and it's funny to me how a bunch of us girls who started doing this around the same time are the same right now - quieter, changing things up, etc. it's so very wonderful when God gives us those little faith boosters like this!!!


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