Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Speed Date in a Post

One of my FAV ladies is Nicole @ This Little Momma .  Not too long ago Nicole did a really fun “getting to know you” post.  It was easy to read and quickly let me get to know the beautiful person that she is.
I LOVED the idea!  I guess I am not the only one who did because she decided to host a link up so we could all get to know each other a little better in ultimate “speed date” fashion!!!

This Little Momma

1)  J and I married on July 1, 2006.  You can read the beginning of that story here, here & here.

2)  At that time I made the move from OH to VA.  Someday I might write about that hard transition. 

3)  We had our first son June 16, 2009.  Birth story to come in honor of his upcoming 3rd birthday!

4)  17 months later we welcomed fraternal twin boys.  Twins do not run in our family and we didn’t use fertility drugs.  BIG SURPRISE!!!

5)  When the twins were born I became a SAHM.  I was having a HARD time and was determined to return to the corporate world. 

6)  I became pregnant unexpectedly 6 MONTHS LATER with our little girl.  I was STILL determined to return to work.  God had other plans.  You can read about my SAHM journey here, here & here.

7)  You can see a typical afternoon in our life below.

8)  I've been in a reminiscing kind of mood these days!  You can read a snippet here and here.

9)  I’m learning to be less task oriented and not so much of a box checker.  I’m learning to bite my tongue.  I’m learning that I honestly don’t care what people think of my decisions and I must put my little family first despite anyone else’s opinion. 

10)  My faith in Jesus is really the ONLY way I get through this sometimes yucky life here on earth. 

PS:  Marrying my husband was the best decision I’ve ever made.  Having my 4 kiddos is #2.  

It wasn't the life I EVER imagined or planned BUT this is one of those things that was DEF God’s better way. 


  1. what a beautiful family! i am your newest follower from the speed dating link-up. So excited to be here!

  2. So much fun! L was very entertained watching that video!!


  3. Your family is beautiful!! God is so awesome to have blessed you so abundantly!!

  4. Great post! And your family is beautiful :) I have also struggled with my journey as a SAHM... God definitely has a plan for each of us :)

  5. Let me know how you becoming an un-box checker - I think it's something I should learn to do ;o)

    Great post, new follower

  6. I love this!! Gonna have to check out all your links!

  7. super fun post!!! And so fun getting to know a bit more about you! Love your family picture...so sweet! Crazy how God has plans for us we would never imagine, no?

    Welcome back Lady! You were missed!

  8. Holy cow, I didn't know you had twins! I'm so ignorant.
    Anyway, your wedding dress was GORGEOUS, and you have such a beautiful family!!

  9. ahh your sweet fam is so cute!! :) loved hearing a few tidbits about you!! :)

  10. you have such a cute family!!! and omg i love your wedding picture!! i think you are so graceful! i so relate to #10!!

  11. awwww!! love this.. so nice to get to know what you're all about a little quicker...sometimes its so hard, with so many bloggy friends...to get ABOUT any one, because you're so busy talking to them all =) loved reading this girl...

  12. Fun, fun, fun! Beautiful familia. Way to go you SAHM! And welcome back! ;)

  13. Your kids are so fun. Bring them out to CO with you, I'll babysit =)

  14. We are opposites! I made the move from VA to OH. How funny is that?!

  15. Loved this post and getting to know more about you sweet friend!! Keep on rockin on!

  16. I loved this post. What a great way to get to know one of my favorite ladies a little bit better. Your family is gorgeous and you are seriously superwoman with all those kiddos.

    While this was a good way to get to know ya, I think an even better way is to go on that blogger cruise you speak of!

  17. Wow, you are one busy (and blessed) lady! Your family is so beautiful! I found you via the speed dating and am excited to be your newest follower! I'd love for you to follow me back at http://www.two-in-diapers/blogspot.com!

  18. Adorable babies! Your wedding dress was beautiful!


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